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Mountain plover chick 1 day old western Wyoming

WWC’s historic focus has been with wildlife surveys and research in the northern Rocky Mountains.  We have built our reputation on providing unbiased, third-party information for a diverse client assemblage.  While some aspects of our work involve more and more office time, it is our field experience, and the boot-on-the-dirt effort, that sets the stage for accurate field information to inform both our client-driven and broad-scale ecological goals. 

WWC is well-known for our thorough field efforts, which have yielded initial regional documentations for a number of species.  In 1998 we were the first to document pygmy rabbits and mountain plovers in the Upper Green River Basin of Wyoming, representing substantial range extensions at the time. In 2007 we found the only black-footed ferret skull, very nearly perfect, recorded from the Pinedale Anticline Project Area.

While we have now extended our company goals and abilities to encompass a broad range of ecological disciplines, wildlife surveys and targeted research remain integral to our business and client services.


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