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Municipal Water Systems

The BioHaven Solution

FII has developed biomimetic, self-sustaining Floating Treatment Wetlands that are designed to remove excess nutrients and other contaminants from lakes, streams and wastewater lagoons. These islands typically use a combination of microbial (bacteria and algae) and plant growth to effectively take up, precipitate and/or filter nutrients and other pollutants from water. FII has patented both BioHaven Floating Island (natural flow) and BioHaven Floating Streambed (forced circulation) treatment systems.

Standard BioHaven FTWs are comprised of layers of a non-woven, non-toxic durable matrix of fibers made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Dense and porous, the matrix is extremely inert and has been coated with a UV-resistant resin. The resin is compliant with irradiation accelerated degradation standards set forth by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). An additional armor coating of polyurethane is added to provide extra protection against environmental degradation or waterfowl damage.
Floating Islands International won a bid from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality to improve a municipal wastewater treatment facility for the town of Joliet, Montana. The photo below illustrates installation of a portion of this system, with DEQ employees obtaining baseline water samples for documentation of system performance.


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