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Private Fishing Ponds

Many ranches in the Intermountain West have developed private ponds to provide fishing experiences for their family and guests. While some of the best clean water is available for these efforts, ponds present management issues. As the water warms in these stable environments, algae present in the ecosystem multiplies rapidly, often to the point of making the ponds unusable for swimming and recreation, as well as killing the fish. 

Mimicking Nature’s own solution, BioHaven® floating islands generate the microbial activity needed to convert nutrients into a food source for native fish, birds and other wildlife, rather than algae. The Leviathan™ technology, in turn, oxygenates and homogenizes the water so that fish can breathe and live in a comfortable temperature range.


Rainbow Trout sheltering from hunting Ospreys beneath BioHaven® floating island installation. 




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