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Sage-grouse hatched eggs, Wyoming core area

WWC is the recognized private industry leader in greater sage-grouse ecology and management. Our experience spans investigations into sage-grouse response to various livestock grazing practices, sagebrush habitat enhancement projects, wind energy and fluid mineral development. Our perspective incorporates rigorous, transparent and defensible project design, and includes the most current research.  Our research goal is to provide insights and expand the collective understanding of how to enhance sage-grouse populations given the multiple use of western rangelands. 

In an unusual twist, we are designing habitat components in cooperation with Grand Teton National Park, the Jackson Hole Airport Board and other collaborators to shift sage-grouse use away from the airport facilities.  
We can assist clients developing natural resources - either for energy production or livestock grazing - with aspects of project design and implementation where one of the objectives is minimizing impact on sage-grouse populations and habitats.  We recognize the needs of the nation to produce energy and food on western landscapes, and seek ways of combining established science with practical solutions to help provide functioning, sustainable landscapes for wildlife while continuing human use of those landscapes.   
 Portion of sage-grouse mitigation and trumpeter swan production complex designed by WWC.   


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