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Surveys & Monitoring

Surveys and monitoring are central components of managing natural resources and wildlife habitat by providing non-biased information to make well-informed management decisions.  WWC provides vegetation inventory and monitoring in a variety of ecosystems throughout the western states, which are economical and repeatable, as well as being statistically and scientifically reliable. Additionally, WWC has extensive experience monitoring habitat to determine how well a management activity meets the objective or management standards of habitat.

WWC provides rangeland health assessments, which focus on three key attributes of landscape and ecosystem sustainability: soil and site stability, hydrologic function and biotic integrity. This information provides the foundation for assessing and evaluating the degree to which ecosystem goods and services are being met by current environmental management.

The images below illustrate some of our past efforts.

2001 Range Cover Map and Aerial Imagery Sweetwater County, WY:

2004 Land Use and Land Cover Map and Satellite Imagery Wamsutter, WY :


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