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Pygmy Rabbits


This specialized species of the sage biome is an animal of special interest to us.  In 1998 WWC documented the first pygmy rabbits in Sublette County, Wyoming.  As we located more and more of these rabbits, we noted that their use of a variety of habitats far exceeded what is currently described in the literature. 

WWC has located several hundred burrow systems of pygmy rabbits, describing all using the current protocol.  But our experience in the field indicated that more variability exists on-the-ground than is provided for within the survey guidelines.  We also found a wide variety of pellet sizes near burrows throughout the year. 

In 2010 WWC initiated an applied research project using trail cameras to document species use of burrows, both to determine accuracy of the current sign-based survey methodology, and to investigate burrow use overlap between pygmy and cottontail rabbits.    


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