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Golden Eagles


WWC has a special affinity for golden eagles, as evidenced in part by our company logo.  This widespread raptor of the West has recently come into conservation focus for a number of reasons, including population declines and ever-increasing alteration of the ecosystems that sustain them.  Ecosystem change can come in many forms; one of the most pervasive of which is the collapse of their food web through invasive plants, and more rapid change with the development of our energy infrastructure.

We have worked with these birds for over thirty-five years, in about every aspect pertaining to the species; including trapping, telemetry, captive breeding, nest manipulation and breeding surveys across the West.  This experience, plus our long-term associations with a number of collaborators who share our special interest in eagles, uniquely positions WWC to collect and analyze information to support the full development of site-specific Eagle Conservation Plans as defined by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  


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