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Wyoming Wildlife Consultants, LLC

Wyoming Wildlife Consultants, LLC (WWC) specializes in the biological sciences. Our areas of expertise include: wildlife ecology and management, ecologically-based invasive plant management, wildlife habitat management, wetland and riparian sciences, soil science, and rangeland ecology and management.

We combine these skills to provide cost-effective, high-quality environmental services for applied research, inventories, analysis, restoration, management and monitoring of ecosystems. WWC’s talents have benefited a diverse group of clients including federal and state resource management agencies, oil and gas industry, municipalities, engineering firms and private parties. We have the experience and resources necessary to mobilize and sustain field projects in all conditions.

2017 saw our expansion as representatives for Floating Islands International, Inc.  Based in Montana, FII has developed unique concepts based on natural systems to improve water quality in ponds, lakes, wastewater systems and dramatically reduce Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) in a variety of applications. 


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